Twice a year, the four Wanta communities in Central Australia meet in Alice Springs, (on neutral territory) to battle it out on the sporting field.

Ten students from each community – Yuendumu, Ntaria, Papunya and Arlparra were selected to attend the Wanta Cup based on good school attendance and positive behaviours.

The kids arrived on the Friday night and enjoyed a swim at the pool before cooking a barbeque for everyone to share. This was followed by a competitive round of ten pin bowling. The Wanta Cup kicked off Saturday morning with a round of softball, followed by a number of football games before finishing with a soccer round robin. Yuendumu came first on all accounts and certainly reigned supreme on this occasion.

Wanta staff presented two sportsmanship awards for each school, and the kids were so excited to receive medals and trophy’s.

Congratulations and thank you to all players, teams and staff who made this weekend possible.