Katherine Moketarinja, who works as a Supervisor in our Remote School Attendance program in Ntaria, has just driven the equivalent distance to the circumference of the earth in her commitment to getting local students to school every day. This equals a staggering 40,000 kms!

Katherine has been working with the Ntaria school for six years and with Wanta since 2017. Each and every weekday morning, Katherine drives to various outstations to pick up as many students as possible to get them to school, she then returns them home afterwards – that’s 4 hours of driving a day!
Katherine is so passionate about getting as many children to school that she also spends time talking with families about the importance of their education. She is an invaluable member of the Wanta team and truly ecompasses what we set out to do. 
To celebrate this achievement, the Ntaria school held a special assembly followed by a barbecue to honour her  achievement. The students enjoyed lots of fun and games on the basketball courts that had been set up for them. It was a really special afternoon for Katherine. 

Wanta would like to extend our congratulations to Katherine, what a fantastic achievement – thank you for your dedication and keep up the amazing work!