On February 28 the Ntaria Academy joined in the celebration of women world-wide by hosting an International Women’s Day Night in partnership with the Ntaria School. 

As well as running various school engagement activities, Wanta also works to inspire and motivate young indigenous women to realise their potential. 

Over twenty young women, their mothers and young mothers attended the event.  During the evening, the group discussed the importance of being a woman and each girl identified a woman who had inspired them in their life. The young women in attendance then learned about twenty Australian Aboriginal women who have created positive change throughout history within a number of disciplines including politics, social justice and youth programs. 

Three of this years’ International Women’s Day topics stood out to the young women in attendance and initiated strong interest and discussion, these were: 

  • We will forge positive visibility of women.
  • We will challenge stereotypes and bias.
  • We will influence the beliefs and actions of others. 

After the formalities, the women were pampered and celebrated. They had the opportunity to dye their hair, get facemasks, manicures and pedicures as well as enjoy a hair styling station. All attendees had a great time and have asked us to host another night. 

Wanta will continue to enthusiastically work with young indigenous women to teach them to celebrate themselves and each other and reach for the stars. We hope this will create positive change for young indigenous women into the future.