During the summer school holidays a group of young people from Yuendumu travelled to Darwin for a week long trip to discover the Top End!

It began as an exciting adventure with some students never travelling to Darwin, and one never having been on a plane! It was a jam-packed week with students travelling to Litchfield Park to swim at Buley rock hole. The kids enjoyed swimming and a picnic at Litchfield Park, as well as visiting the giant termite mounds.

We travelled to Adelaide River to participate in the Jumping Crocodile Cruise. Young people and WANTA staff were excited to see their first real life crocodile and to learn facts about the history and the lives of crocodiles in the Northern Territory.

We also visited Crocosaurus Cove where the kids got to get up close with crocodiles, turtles and reptiles – some even taking the opportunity to feed baby crocodiles! The students relished in seeing and learning about all the different types of animals, and we spent quite a few hours here exploring!

Throughout the day the kids participated in lots of learning activities, particularly about flora and fauna at the above attractions. At night-time we got to have some fun! We went to the movies at Casuarina Square, played laser tag and arcade games at King Pin and enjoyed a beach trip and dinner out at the Darwin Sailing Club.

It was a great way to spend the last week of the school holidays and to see the kids engage in and explore new things in new places!

Thanks to GMAAAC for supporting the trip!

Written by Tenille Rickard, Director of Yuendumu RSAS and Sports Academy