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Some of our communities have been working so hard on their social enterprise projects! Here’s a little snapshot of what’s been happening this term before our students enjoy a very well-earned break.

The students at Bagai Barista in Ngukurr have done amazing things this term in their café. The young baristas are perfecting their trade, creating the perfect latte and experimenting with different designs, particularly smiley faces. Along with their regular customers in the community, the young barista’s have serviced events such as staff PD days, rewarding classes with hot chocolates and hosting guests like Selena Uibo. The confidence in the students is growing dramatically and they have worked hard towards creating great experiences for their customers. There is real excitement and a great buzz around this social enterprise in Ngukurr and they are very excited to see this café fulfil it’s potential.

(Will Georgiou, Director of Ngukurr Sports Academy)

The Gunbalanya girls have been working hard with their social enterprise of a community op shop. There was a clear gap of access to clothing and goods in community and WANTA has filled it perfectly. It has been amazing seeing how proud they are to be giving back to their community and it has been a wonderful experience with money management; learning about profits, expenses and getting more and more confident counting money. It took time planning but seeing it up and running has been very rewarding for our girls. We have made over $2000 in profits in just three nights, purely from items that people are so eager to donate knowing it is going to a great initiative. 

Teamwork and great communication come naturally to these girls and it has been an absolute pleasure watching them apply these skills to not only the op shop when they are supporting one another, but also out in the community.

(Rijana Gasio, Director of Gunbalanya Academy)

Term two saw the Wugularr students organise their fourth Social Enterprise project- Beswick Burgers (BB’s). Again, the students were very keen and were allocated time throughout their day to plan where to hold this event and work out quantity of food/burgers and drinks needed. Discussions were had on prices and they decided to keep the burgers at $5.00, cans of drink $3.00 and bottled water at $2.00

This term the students decided on a movie night and they organised the Wanta movie truck to come out for everyone to enjoy a burger and drink watching Toy Story 4 on the big screen at the school oval.

The week before the event, students again got to work and produced some great posters in the Wanta space with their favourite music on and lots of chatter. Once these posters were finished, we jumped into the Wanta troopy and put them up around community for everyone to see.

On the day of our movie night, our students were in the kitchen cutting onions, tomatoes and lettuce as well as mixing spices and eggs into 8kg of mince to make 95 burgers as well as their very own secret sauce! The excitement, laughter and chatter amongst the students was fantastic. 

The community support was amazing and the students with their BB’s T-shirts on were confident in taking orders, money handling and making the burgers.  All of our 95 burgers and drinks sold with everyone sitting on mats happily eating and watching the movie. The burger and movie night ended up raising over $700! The students were so proud and happy with their work. We can’t wait for our next Social Enterprise night with the students very own BB’s small business.

(Rhonda Curnow, Director of Beswick Sports Academy)

Stay tuned on all of these exciting projects as they continue to grow this year.

Happy holidays!