The Lajamanu community love heading down to the creek during the hot summer months, they always find it amazing how much the creeks and streams fill up in what are, for the rest of the year, just dry and sandy river beds. So, it’s a massive asset to the community that two of our Wanta Employees in Lajamanu have achieved their Bronze Medallion!
Liam and Kealyn waited for the warmer months at the end of the year to attend the Bronze Medallion certificate at the Katherine pool; run by Royal Lifesaving NT. The guys performed some great rescues and thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning all of the information associated with life-saving. They also loved being in the classroom for their first aid training. They learnt how to bandage, perform CPR, attend snake bites and lots more.

At the end of the course, both of them had to work so hard during the big 400-meter multi stroke swimming test but they got there in the end. Our Lajamanu Director, Simon said ‘It really was great to see; for two guys that grew up in the desert- it was huge achievement!’

With the early rains in Lajamanu last year and the creek filling up after just two nights of heavy rain it was reassuring to have qualified people back in the community to keep people safe in the water.
A big thanks to Royal Lifesaving NT for running the courses in Katherine and for keeping the learning entertaining and full of useful information. Thank you also to Simon, our Lajamanu Director – who organised this for Liam and Kealyn and took them into Katherine for the course.
Liam and Kealyn are looking forward to getting out and about this year and utilising their knowledge both within the community and on our Wanta trips.

Well done you two!