Wanta and Arlparra School staff recently undertook a vocational training program to help senior students and newly employed former students obtain their drivers licenses. Staff were trained by Drivesafe NT to deliver Learner Driver Training and were also given the use of a dual control Hilux to deliver this program.

Drivesafe NT were able to get 3 students and several staff from Arlparra school to complete their L’s. Since this time, we have been able to deliver 25+ hours of driver education in community and have recently had our first student, Brenda Ross (pictured), successfully obtain her P’s. Hopefully we will be able to continue to see success from this in the future. We see this as an important program in community due to the expansiveness of the Utopia homelands. Having a license is an invaluable skill that creates employment within the community and provides more opportunity for community members to access key services. Obtaining a license also reduces the likelihood of driving related offences and incarceration.

We see this a vital program in the Utopia region and indigenous communities at broad. In the past month, we have had two more staff in Kalkarinji and Ngukurr complete this training.

We hope to deliver driver education in these communities in the near future, as well as continuing the program in Arlparra.