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The Wanta Girls Academy in Gunbalanya has recently started a ‘Big Sister’ Program with the local Childhood and Family Centre (CFC). Every Monday and Wednesday morning before school, some of the senior girls head over to the CFC and spend some time playing with the younger kids and helping out within the centre. Even though the program is still quite new, the girls seem to be really loving the work experience and of course, the little ones are enjoying all the new attention and assistance!

This program is completely voluntary so the girls are able to choose whether or not this is something that they would like to participate in or not. But, we have had such a great response- in fact, most of the senior girls want to be a part of it! So much so that we’ve had to figure out a rotating roster to ensure everyone gets a turn.

The Big Sister Program allows the girls to ask questions, gain new skills and explore this career path to see if it is something they would like to continue on with once they finish school. It opens up more opportunities for these young women and although some may decide that it is not for them, it is still beneficial in that they will be able to walk away with some new skills that they could apply not only in the work force but with their everyday life.

Wanta thanks Jessica Powell for set up this program (currently on maternity leave) and Rijana Gasio who is filling in for Jess and doing an amazing job with continuing this program and in general!

We look forward to hearing more about this initiative!