For International Womens Day, the females of Ntaria knew it was a special opportunity to come together in support of each other to tackle ongoing issues in the community, and to also enjoy each others company with a variety of activities.

The event started off with a luncheon, inviting all women to come and eat together and talk stories with each other. While this was happening, there were plenty of activities for the students and women to participate in. Face masks, cleansing and moisturising, hair dying nail painting and makeup were a hit with the girls, allowing them to enjoy and embrace the opportunity to use these products that they might not otherwise have the chance to use.Snooker games, videos and music all accompanied the activities.

Onto the second part of the event – the more serious topics of what females in the community are facing today and struggling to overcome, were presented for an open discussions on how to come together to tackle and create a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone.Domestic violence has affected so many women around the world, and the women in community knew how important is was to help others identify domestic violence, and have the confidence to talk about it. Many of the women spoke about their experiences, which helped others to feel better about opening up and talking about it. Identifying the different types of violence, and having the ability to address it is important for women and their safety. Social media dangers was the second topic presented in the seminar, aimed at the younger females in community, and pointing out the dangers involved with inappropriate photos and messages. An important topic anywhere, but one strongly identified by the women who strive to protect their children, and keep them educated.

Overall, a wonderful day that was enjoyed by all and will hopefully have brought women together even more, and appreciating our strengths and capabilities. 

Written by Natasha Bennett, Director Ntaria RSAS.