Wanta would like to introduce its newest social enterprise project ‘Bagai Barista’ in Ngukurr. Wanta has already successfully introduced social enterprises projects in Arlparra, Yuendumu, Kalkaringi and Beswick, all enterprises have been hugely successful in developing and delivering their products in their respective communities. These enterprises have the same goal: to develop the students understanding of how running a small business can support economic freedom, provide opportunities to gain a multitude of skills which include having greater independence, building confidence, customer service, handling money and collaborating with others. The hope for all the Academy Directors is that the skills learnt during this experience will inspire students achieve success, find enjoyment and purpose in the process of creating a business and possibly give students the confidence to start their own business ventures!

At the beginning of Term 4, the senior students in Ngukurr brainstormed potential ideas, they were excited at the prospect of creating an independent business that would help the local Ngukurr football team get some equipment and merchandise. The ideas began to flow and eventually the decision was between a barber shop, burgers or a café. During this conversation it was decided that the café and selling coffees with the potential of adding some sweet and savoury treats was the most Bagai (cool). And Bagai Barista was born!! The Bagai team then decided that in order to get the school on board and raise awareness, they would have a competition to create the Bagai Barista logo and slogan which was then won by little Leo in Grade 6.

Everything was coming together quickly for the team and it was time to start planning how this business would operate and what would be the ‘start up costs.’ The students then made a list of equipment, ingredients and skills (including customer service, handling money, safety and hygiene) that would be needed to ensure this café was successful. The time then came to start applying their knowledge in practice and to start making some coffee. After a couple of days of practising and perfecting the brew, the students started selling their coffees to the teaching staff and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The students were confident in their ability to make a great coffee, they welcomed feedback about making hot chocolates and thought wearing a uniform made them feel more professional; so they decided to approach some local businesses… and maybe even buy another coffee machine so that they could make more coffee and hot chocolates.

Massive thank you to the RSAS team and Ngukurr school staff for all their support! Well done Ngukurr!

Wanta would also like to thank the Sunshine Foundation and Katie and Mark Davies for their significant contributions to making these amazing Social Enterprise projects happen. The economic and business skills, not to mention confidence that the students are building is immeasurable. We will be bringing you more social enterprise updates from our other communities very soon!

Written by William Georgiou, Director Ngukurr Sports Academy.