What an interesting start we have had to 2022 in Gunbalanya with our Young Women’s Academy. We have juggled the obstacles Covid-19 has given us along with a special surprise of a new Wanta baby on the way. 

I feel very lucky to be in the role I am, as Academy Director out here in Gunbalanya, with the flexibility the Wanta role offers me. The great thing about being a Wanta Director is I can plan my schedule around what the girls need and now that I am expecting it makes things much easier knowing I can adjust my schedule to meet the needs of not only the girls but myself too. 

 I love the flexibility of not having a 9-5 job but rather a job where I can work the hours that appeal to the girls in our academy, because some days early mornings work and some days it’s the afternoon or weekend activities that draw the girls in. When building strong relationships it’s important to know where to put my time to make the biggest impact and no two days ever look the same. I think that is the best part about it… There is never a dull day as a Wanta Academy Director. 

I have been able to juggle my appointments around my schedule with such ease, whether it be a morning appointment at the clinic or a trip to Darwin I am able to make up time with an afternoon activity in the Wanta room, weekend spent fishing or morning training session making sure the girls aren’t missing out on their valuable and sought after time with Wanta. 

I am incredibly lucky to spend my days with the Gunbalanya girls whether it be in the classroom providing in class support, out on Country learning a very special culture, fishing and hunting, but most importantly helping them to be strong, confident and courageous women. 

Although term 1 has looked very different due to the restrictions of covid we have still been able to achieve so much, defying the odds and ensuring our girls get the support they need. We have seen big turn outs for AFL in the afternoons, fishing trips on Country has been a big selling point for strong attendance at school, many delicious cooking classes, exploring our back yard of breathtaking waterfalls and celebrating International Women’s Day. 

We are looking forward to a action packed term 2 in Gunbalanya! 

Written by Jessica Powell, Director Gunbalanya Young Women’s Academy.