The start of 2022 in Ntaria has seen a different, more inclusive approach to schooling for students who are on sorry business, or who want to avoid the calamity of Covid rampant in the community.

Ntaria school, in collaboration with Wanta, have offered outstation classes to be held for these very students.

Benji, a local Wanta staff member, has been doing an amazing job at taking these classes for the kids. His classes consist of morning cultural sessions, where he has been teaching the students about local Witchety Trees and bushes and where to find them.

After recess, he takes English where the students go through their own workbooks which have been delivered by the school, and after lunch, maths lessons.

The students have been responding in a wonderful way to these bush classes, and we have found that, being on country, there seems to be a lot of peace and contented learning amongst the students.

For a small outstation, we are getting 17 students in per day!!

I’d like to take this chance to say just how much of an asset Benji is to Wanta, and the whole community.

Watching Benji teach on his own country, is nothing short of inspiring. His thirst to deliver knowledge to his people, his work ethic of preparation and delivering classes every day, and the passion he delivers this with is something we want all of our students to learn from and possess.

Thank you Benji for your passion and dedication to our team and the community 😊

Written by Natasha Bennett, Director Ntaria RSAS.